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Industrial preservatives used in the textile industry

When it comes to industrial preservatives, everyone must think of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. Many people may not have thought about the application of industrial preservatives in the textile industry. When everyone knows that the textile industry also uses this. Many people are very surprised. At this time, many people will think, is it that we wear some clothes and pants and all contain industrial preservatives, which will not harm our health. So why does the textile industry use industrial preservatives? The following is a detailed explanation for everyone, it will make everyone unexpected!

The textile industry in China has a long history. As early as in ancient times, the ancients knew how to use natural resources as textile raw materials to adapt to climate change. Now, our daily clothes are not only to deal with the cold and warm climate, but also more beautiful. The textile industry is also changing gradually. Industrial preservatives are used in the textile process.

So why use industrial preservatives? That is because in the textile process, many bacteria, fungi, and yeasts are easily bred, and the problem of deterioration, mold, fermentation, and excessive bacteria counts. The emergence of these problems has seriously affected the normal operation of textile mills. The application of industrial preservatives is precisely to deal with these phenomena in a timely manner. It can quickly inhiBIT and destroy the growth of these microbial bacteria, and solve the problem of product deterioration caused by bacterial infection.

Because of this, the textile industry will use industrial preservatives, and this product has also been recognized by the state, no residue, and there is no need to worry about environmental pollution.


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