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Several major factors affecting the anti-fungal agent

There are many factors affecting the fungicide, the most important of which are microbiological factors and physical and chemical factors.

(1) Microbiological factors: different types and components of anti-fungal agents to print microbial effects The most suitable range of pH is different, such as the most suitable pH range of the anti-mold agent of benzoic acid in the range of 2.5-4.0, this kind of defense The mold has no effect on many microorganisms after the pH reaches 5.5 or higher. The types of microorganisms in the feed and the degree of pollution they cause are often uncertain, and sometimes some microbes develop resistance, which has a certain effect on the effectiveness of the fungicide.

(2) Water content of feed: The moisture in the feed has a great influence on the growth of microorganisms. Experiments have shown that the moisture in the feed is most suitable for the growth of hygienic clothes when it is 17%-18%. The effect of moisture in the feed on the antifungal effect is very complicated. For feeds with different water content, the dose of the antifungal agent should also be adjusted accordingly.

(3) Temperature: The temperature at which most microorganisms are most suitable for reproduction is 25-30 degrees Celsius. However, the most suitable breeding temperature for some special microorganisms, such as Mucor and Rhizopus, is 25-40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in the case of different use temperatures, different amounts of anti-fungal agents should also be considered.

(4) Feed ingredients: Anti-mold agents Some feeds containing special ingredients, such as calcium carbonate feed and protein feed, can neutralize the acidic components in the anti-mold agent and reduce the use of anti-mold agents, so this feed should Increase the amount of anti-mold agent.


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