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Six characteristics of industrial preservatives

With the development of society, people's living standards have gradually improved, and the requirements for home decoration are becoming more and more strict. However, the commonly used coatings often use preservatives, and the first impression of industrial preservatives is not very good. This phenomenon is also very common. In order to give everyone more understanding of industrial preservatives, here are some of the six characteristics of industrial preservatives, I hope everyone will look carefully!

1. The preservative does not interact with other agents;

2, the nature is stable, it is not easy to be affected by heat and the pH value of the agent, which affects its antiseptic effect, and the long-term storage does not decompose;

3, does not affect the physical and chemical properties of the drug and the efficacy of the drug;

4, a wide range of inhiBITion, strong antibacterial;

5, no toxicity and irritating in the range of inhiBITion concentration, the preservative used should have no odor;

6. The solubility in water can reach the desired inhiBITory concentration.


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