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Should the metalworking fluid be used as a preservative in the industry?

Metalworking fluid is a fertile breeding ground for microbial growth. Many workers use the processing fluid when they think that they do not need to add industrial preservatives. After adding, they will destroy the function in the liquid. However, many workers believe that it is necessary to add industrial preservatives. Otherwise, the microorganisms will grow too fast, causing the processing fluid to deteriorate and lose its original performance. So, does the preservative do not affect the use of the processing fluid? Let's take a look together:

   (1) The growth and reproduction of microorganisms can cause malodors and corresponding compounds that affect the environment of the factory, irritate the skin of the operator and cause allergic reactions, and endanger the health of workers.

   (2) In the course of use, if they are allowed to grow and reproduce without liMITation, it will cause the processing fluid to spoil and deteriorate, and reduce the performance of the metalworking fluid;

   (3) Corrupted processing fluid will damage the processing machine, block the processing fluid processing system, damage the machining tool and machine the workpiece;


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