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The use method and precautions of Textile fungicide

Scope of application: industrial water treatment, hospital water, urban life water, river and lake water treatment and other water treatment.


There is equipment to add: users who use equipment to add AB can be dissolved in water 12.5 kg for 30-45 minutes, then add A solution to A feed tank, B solution to B feed tank, adjust the equipment according to the flow rate Just fine.

No equipment addition: After cutting the textile bactericide 1000g A, pour it into a plastic container or porcelain containing 250kg of water (pour water into the powder), stir and dissolve, cover and stand 15-25 Minutes, then add 1000 g of the textile fungicide and stir to dissolve, then cover and let stand for 15-25 minutes. That is, 250 kg of mother liquor with a concentration of 2000 mg/L is obtained, and then the diluted solution is used to prepare the solution: 


1. This product is easy to absorb moisture. It can be opened in the front. It can be used now. It is used up once. When it is not used up, it is sealed in a clean bottle.


2. When the chlorine dioxide content is 2000mg/L, it will corrode or bleach the metal and fabric.

3, do not enter the eye, contact with the eyes, mucous membranes immediately rinse with water.

4, dry, ventilated, cool, dark, independent preservation, acid and alkali.


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