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Principle of industrial anti-fungal agent

Industrial anti-fungal agent is a chemical product that inhiBITs and kills mold. It is widely used in cosmetics, wood and other industries. Industrial mildew inhiBITors can be divided into two major categories of oxidative mildew inhiBITors and non-oxidizing mildewproofs according to its anti-mildew principle. The main reason for the corrosion of an article by mold is that it lacks various additives. Therefore, in order to reduce the erosion of articles by mold, it is necessary to add the amount of auxiliary agents, or add an industrial antifungal agent to eliminate mold and improve resistance. How does industrial antifungal agent kill mold?

First, the antifungal agent enters the cells through its spores, destroys the spores of the mold or prevents it from germinating to prevent the growth of mold. The anti-mold agent's toxicity in mold spore cells is as follows:

1. InhiBIT the activity of the enzyme system. Because the enzyme system is closely related to various metabolic actions in the cells of mold spores.

2. Destroy the energy release system.

3. Reacts with the enzymes -NH2 and -SH to inhiBIT the function of enzymes (such as organic mercury compounds, organic arsenic and terpenoids).

4. Excessively promote the oxidation-reduction system of phosphoric acid, thereby destroying the function of cells.

5. Inhibition of ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesis during cell germination, thereby preventing spore germination.

6. Inhibit the electron transport system or the transaminase system.

The above is the principle of industrial mold inhibitors to kill mold, reasonable use is beneficial to the development of the economy, but if abused, it will not only cause environmental pollution, but also affect people's health. The state has now strengthened the supervision of industrial anti-mold agents and preservatives. However, all this depends on whether users have awareness of environmental protection.


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