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The importance of anti-corrosion for household washing products

The pursuit of cleanliness is an innate nature of human beings and an important symbol of the quality of life. As early as around 2500 BC, our ancestors knew how to make soap from the co-cooking of ash and animal and vegetable fats. Today, our daily life is further enhanced by various functions and more subdivided washing products. Infiltrated, from laundry detergent to detergent, from supple to bright white functional ingredients, no one can do without their help. However, one surprising fact is that even if we have so many washing products, sometimes it may be more dirty than dirty.

In general, household washing products are prone to microbes because they contain a lot of water and abundant organic matter. Once improperly controlled in the processing, storage or use of products, inadvertent contamination of microbial sources will not only cause the products to lose their effectiveness, but also may cause damage to the human health during use. So the question is, what should we do if the cleaning products are not clean? Don't be afraid, in fact, as long as the anti-corrosion products are used correctly, this problem can be solved!

Nowadays, all the regular brand cleaning products on the market have strict production, storage and transportation management processes, which greatly reduces the possibility of microbial invasion from the outside. In addition, after years of technological development, the current washing product formulas are basically equipped. Advanced anti-corrosion products, and their content is ultra-low, a little BIT enough to play an important role in the anti-corrosion process of the formula.

  Our products are the latest research and development results for the current market demand. It can meet the requirements of green environmental protection and health while being highly effective and bacteriostatic. It has a variety of bactericidal active ingredients, is powerful, and introduces new active ingredients. It can provide up to 3 years of anti-corrosion protection for liquid-washed products when used correctly, and it can be used for various bacteria, yeasts and molds commonly found in the environment. Has an excellent broad-spectrum killing effect.


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