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The selection of coating preservatives

To choose the right preservative, it’s first required to meet the characteristics of the coating and meet the relevant requirements. In water based coatings, latex coatings are the most widely used, Proportion of more than 80% of waterborne coatings, The choice of coating preservatives is based on latex coatings. For the characteristics of latex coatings, the ideal coating preservative should have the following characteristics:


(1) Choose low-toxic or non-toxic bactericidal preservatives as much as possible.

(2) It has a broad spectrum of microbial activity, high potency, long-lasting activity, and extensive lethal or inhiBITory effects on various bacteria and molds.

(3) It does not chemically change with other polymers when added to the coating, and does not affect chemical properties after film formation.

(4) Low volatility and good compatibility.

(5) Stable storage, suitable for storage at 40° temperature, easy to use, heat-resistant and UV-resistant.


Therefore, to ensure the effective sterilization of the coating preservative, not only to ensure that the amount of the bactericide added is higher than the minimum inhiBITory concentration (MIC) of the bactericide, but also to ensure the uniform distribution of the preservative in the coating, thereby effectively killing each of the water-based coatings In the case of bacteria, in general, the concentration of the coating preservative should not be less than 0.1% in the coating formulation. In the harsh environment, such as water or raw material pollution, the agent can be appropriately increased.


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