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The causion when using Kathon Preservatives

Many things in the natural world are of the same nature, and many products can be mixed with each other to exert different effects. However, some things are never mixed. Once mixed, it may have negative effects. So what are the taboos that Kathon industrial preservatives are commonly used in our lives? Let's take a look together.


1, Kathon industrial preservatives could not be used in conjunction with sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite.

2. Do not use with amine salts such as primary amines and secondary amines.

3, Kathon industrial antiseptic use temperature is generally lower than 50 °C.


Improper use will not only reduce the performance of Kathon industrial preservatives, but also affect its effectiveness. Therefore, we must pay attention to the above three points.

My company introduced 3Q series Kathon bactericidal antiseptic, widely used in glass water, shampoo, bath and a variety of emollient, skin cream, cream, milk, lipstick and other senior nutritional cosmetics and hand sanitizer, cleansing spirit, Dishwashing detergent, hair dye, leather coating polish, softener, glue, topical ointment, pesticides and other products. The test proved that the growth of moulds and fungi is completely inhiBITed at the use concentration and the antiseptic effect is achieved.


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