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Development trend of preservatives for facial film products

With the increasing awareness of consumers' safety, the problem of anti-corrosion is no longer liMITed to ensuring the quality of products, ensuring that they are not contaminated by microorganisms. More and more people are concerned about the safety of preservatives.

The use and research of preservatives for future film products will present the following trends:

1) Develop more safe and effective preservatives that can be obtained from natural antibacterial substances or through bioengineering research and development;

2) A combination of various preservatives to enhance the antibacterial power and expand the antibacterial spectrum. Although this practice has gradually been accepted by people, the blindness is still very large, and the regularity of the collocation remains to be studied;

3) The understanding of the compatibility of preservatives and product components is still superficial. Actually, the application of cosmetic preservatives has already had a very good inhiBITory effect on microorganisms, but the effects in practical applications are often far from each other. ;

4) The development and application of new bacteriostatic agents, such as octyl glycol, hexanediol and pentanediol, are mild in nature, not in the traditional preservative category, but have an inhiBITory effect on microbial reproduction, and become a propaganda “no added” formula. Anti-corruption guardian.

In addition, for special skin care products such as face film, the following two aspects will also be the focus of future research on anti-corrosion:

Firstly,the research on the role of preservatives and surface film materials, especially carrier film cloth, auxiliary film and packaging materials, has little effect on the ai-corrosion efficiency. The research in this area is optimized for the anti-corrosion of surface film products. It has positive significance.

Secondly, the surface film products are mostly one-time use products, the raw materials are thoroughly sterilized, and the microorganisms are strictly controlled during the production and filling process. Without adding any preservatives, the real “no anti-corrosion” products are very likely to become a reality. 


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