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Indispensable textile preservatives in the textile industry

In the textile industry, there will always be some textile auxiliaries that are indispensable. The most common one is textile preservatives. The use of textile preservatives can help textile mills solve many problems.

Textile antiseptics are a kind of powerful, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum auxiliaries. They are often added and used in the textile industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, dye auxiliaries, and non-woven fabrics.

The addition of textile preservatives has many benefits. Textile preservatives have a strong adaptability to fungi and yeasts and can inhiBIT and destroy the growth of these microbial strains, and can resolve product deterioration, fermentation, mildew, and bacteria caused by bacterial infections. The number of problems and other issues.

Therefore, the addition of textile preservatives is very necessary and can help textile mills solve many problems. Textile antiseptics kill many types of bacteria, use a wide range of PH values, and can also be compatible with a variety of emulsifiers, surfactants and other good. It is worth every textile factory to go shopping.


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