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Industry news

Kathon preservatives should avoid freezing and exposure


How to use the Kathon preservative:

Add antiseptic and bactericide directly, add: 50 ~ 300 ppm.


Kathon preservative notes:

1. Avoid splashing eyes and mouth during operation. If splashed on the skin, please wash it with plenty of water.

2. This product should be stored in a cool place (5 ~ 30 ° C), reminding everyone that the pine antiseptic should avoid freezing and exposure.

3, Kathon preservatives can not be used with surfactants such as sulfides, primary amines, secondary amines.


Packaging specifications and storage requirements for Kathon preservatives:

1, 25 kg / barrel, can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Remind everyone that Carson preservatives should avoid freezing and exposure.


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