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What industrial preservatives can be added to liquid detergents?

All the items that we use in our daily life are likely to add industrial preservatives. Even liquid detergents contain several preservatives, but only a few. In recent years, with the rapid development of liquid detergent products in China, the concentration of liquid washing, the slight increase in alkalinity, the addition of enzyme preparations, the addition of functional additives, etc., the difficulty of formulating technology has been improved. The application of preservatives poses a huge challenge. At present, the main industrial preservatives used in liquid detergents are as follows:

   (1) 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one, Benzisothiazolinone is also an isothiazolinone preservative, referred to as B I T

   (2) Magnesium ion-protected isothiazolinones These preservatives are the most priMITive and conventional types of isothiazolinone preservatives.

   (3) Isothiazolinone with low magnesium ion content

   (4) 2-methylisothiazolone abbreviation (M I T )

   (5) Isothiazolinone without divalent ion protection


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