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How to deal with mildew and mildew in water-based paint cans?

Fouling failure in latex paint cans occurs less frequently. Generally, there is no obvious physical change in the state of the can, and mildew may appear on the surface. It can remove surface mildew, add some high-efficiency anti-fungal agents, and redistribute the packaging. If the wall is partially resistant to mold and algae failure, in severe cases, it is necessary to remove the loose paint film and re-apply the mildew paint with good mildew resistance.


Anti-corrosion failure is more common in products with long inventory times or low-quality products. First, it is necessary to add fast fungicides and compound products with space protection to kill bacteria. Corruption can cause the emulsion to break lactic acid, and if necessary, add some emulsion. If the precipitation, water separation, etc. are serious, it is necessary to add a part of the dispersing wetting agent and defoaming agent, and stir and disperse. For pH and viscosity reduction, add appropriate amount of pH regulator and fast thickener to restore normal state.


Our company launched 3Q series of coating anti-mold agent, its sterilization effect is more broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, long-lasting, especially suitable for anti-corrosion sterilization of various types of latex paints, various water-based paints, water-based pigments, polymer emulsions, etc. The evaluation experiment and the user's practical application prove that it has excellent anti-mildew effect on acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate, polystyrene butyl ester and other copolymers, and is an ideal anti-mold agent in water-based paint and paint can.


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