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three aspects need to pay attention to when using kathon preservatives

      The application of the kathon preservative is now more and more extensive, especially in the industry, such as paint coatings, paper printing and dyeing plants, etc., because it can inhiBIT the growth of bacteria and quickly kill bacteria. It has a good protective effect on paints and paints.

The performance of the card is good and the stability is relatively strong, but there are some things that need attention when using it:

1. Kathon preservative should avoid direct contact with the eyes. Once contacted, it should be washed immediately with plenty of water, not with the skin for a   long time. This also reminds us that protective measures should be taken when using.

2. Kathon preservatives should not be in contact with reducing metals during storage, such as metal iron, aluminum, etc., to avoid decomposition of the product.

3. Kathon preservative has poor stability in alkaline medium with pH > 9.0 and should not be used. When nucleophilic chemicals are compatible with Kathon preservatives, such as S2- and R-NH2, the quality of this product will be degraded or even invalid.


        Therefore, when using the Kathon preservative, it is very necessary to take protective measures. As well as storage and use, you should know what taboos are in place to avoid adverse reactions during use.



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