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Mask preservative of 3Q-406

The mask preservative introduced by our company has high efficiency, convenient and stable sterilization, direct addition and use, safe and environmentally friendly; it is not affected by anion, cation, zwitterion and surfactant; low dosage; wide range of applicable pH2.0-9.0 It can be used; it is miscible with water, can be added in any process, easy to operate; it has good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components; it does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain any heavy metals, and has obvious sterilization and mildew resistance. Long-term use will not produce drug resistance, and will not produce toxic and harmful substances after natural degradation, so it has no pollution to the environment, no residue in discharge; no burning, easy to transport, easy to use.

Technical indicators:
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Active content: 7%
PH value: 5-7


The product can be directly added to the material, generally added as 0.03-1%, the temperature is preferably lower than 80 degrees, the stirring is uniform, and the anti-corrosion effect is not affected by the different addition points. The mask preservative has a broad spectrum and high efficiency, and has the dual functions of antibacterial and bactericidal, and has strong bactericidal action against bacteria, mold and various kinds of bacteria, and the effect is remarkable. Good compatibility with other additives, formaldehyde-free, soluble in water; degradable, environmentally friendly, no pollution to the environment, greatly prolong the shelf life of products and improve product quality.

Packaging and storage:

Packed in 25KG or 200KG plastic drums or according to customer requirements. 

Store in a dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight, and store for 12 months.


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