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Dalian Tianwei pulp preservative, outstanding effect, extend product shelf life

In the current market competition environment, many brands of papermaking preservatives bring you a happy worry in the choice. In this case, please choose the pulp preservative produced by Dalian Tianwei, because this product will be your best choice in terms of anti-corrosion effect, price, quality and service.

For companies in the papermaking industry, effective control of bacteria and fungi is critical to the proper functioning of paper machines in the production of paper and pulp. If pulp preservatives are not used, mucus bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts common in the papermaking process can lead to the formation of sulphur, causing corrosion of equipment, hydrogen sulphur, and affecting the quality of the paper. Therefore, the use of pulp preservatives is critical to improving the quality of paper.

Therefore, our product is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency paper-making bactericidal preservative. It has a bactericidal effect on pulp and white water that is heavily polluted by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae. It can effectively inhiBIT biological slime in the system. Formation.

You can purchase the pulp preservatives for the first time. You can visit our official website or consult the phone number below the article. There are surprises waiting for you!

The most reliable pulp preservative - leading sales in 2018


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