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kathon preservatives can also be used to maintain wood

In addition to wood preservatives, it is also a good choice to use kathon preservatives. The following is a brief description of how to maintain wood if you use kathon  preservatives.

Wood preservatives focus on the use of Carson preservatives:

1) Pressure infusion: pressure is not less than 1mp, time is not less than 8 hours, and the absorption of Carson preservative is more than 50kg/cubic.

2) Soaking treatment: The wood is placed in a soaking tank filled with Carson preservative, the atmospheric pressure soaking time is not less than 48h, and the absorption amount is 100-150kg/cube.

3) Brushing treatment: The card pine preservative should be applied more than three times. After the first pass is completely dried, apply the second time again. Do not leak the coating. The absorption should be greater than 0.5kg/m2.

The above three points are the methods used by Carson preservatives to maintain wood. For more knowledge about Carson preservatives, follow-up small series will be shared with you. Please continue to pay attention to our website. : www.tianweichemical.com


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