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Ink preservative sterilization preservative effect is good, quality is stable and trustworthy

In the printing industry, the indispensable thing should be ink, which can print patterns and text on paper. Therefore, the printing factory must have a large amount of ink, but when a large amount of ink is present, corruption will inevitably occur. At this time, an ink preservative is required.


Ink preservatives can be used in common inks, water-based inks, printing inks, inks, etc. After using ink preservatives, it can quickly kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, using a concentration of 0.2% to achieve good results. . The ink preservative has strong stability, the active ingredient is also stable at 150 ° C, low toxicity, and does not contain heavy metals.


Ink preservatives can be added in any process. It is recommended to add in the last step below 50 °C. Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, eye masks and masks in order to avoid direct contact with the skin.


The ink preservative is professionally supplied by Dalian Tianwei Chemical Co., Ltd., and Tianwei Chemical uses the first-class technical equipment to produce the most stable and qualified products.


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