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Several characteristics of paint bactericide


Paint bactericides are mainly used in paints and coatings, including water-based paints, metal paints, solvent-based paints, powder-based paints, etc., which can basically be used. The effect of paint bactericides on various types of bacteria is very obvious.


Paint bactericides have the following characteristics:

1. Effective sterilization, the coating fungicide has strong killing ability to mold, the activity range is wide, and the effective dosage is lower than the general anti-mold agent.

2, versatility, paint bactericides can be used in almost all lacquers: acrylic, polyvinyl acetate and other emulsions, solvent-based paints and alkyd paints.

3, the use is simple, the paint bactericide is liquid, so it is easy to add to latex and paint formulations.

4, low toxicity, extensive toxicity test results show that the toxicity of the coating fungicide is very low under the specified usage.


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