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Plastic antifungal agents must be resistant to high temperatures

Recently, customers have inquired about plastic mold inhiBITors. Customers need to use 4 kinds of plastic materials, PC (injection molding temperature 270-280°), ABS (injection molding temperature 200-210°), TPE (injection molding temperature 170-180). °), PVC (170-180 °).


Many organic anti-fungal agents are not resistant to high temperatures, especially at high temperatures of 280 ° C, many organic compounds will decompose. The high temperature resistant inorganic antibacterial agent has a relatively poor effect on fungi.


In the practical application, summarize the series of high temperature and mildew proofing requirements:

1. Anti-mildew effect lasts, antibacterial and algae removal

2, high temperature resistance, preferably above 300 ° C

3, UV resistant, because many plastics are outdoor products

4, washable, anti-loss is better


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