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Wood fungicide principle

         Reasons for wood corruption: The main components of wood are cellulose, hemicellulose polysaccharides and lignin. Wood decay includes the fungus, insect pests and discoloration of wood, mainly because the main components such as polysaccharides and lignin in the wood become a hotbed of bacteria and insects under the action of water and air, and a series of changes have taken place. As the saying goes, "dry wood for a thousand years, wet wood for a thousand years, not dry for two or three years", that is to say, wood can be used or stored for thousands of years, wood insulation can also be used or stored for thousands of years, but in the air Under the combined effect of water and moisture, it will decay in only three or five years.

        Wood decay is caused by the invasion of wood rot fungi, its color and structure gradually change, the cell wall is destroyed, and finally becomes soft and brittle, in the form of mesh or powder. Decaying will seriously affect the physical and mechanical properties of wood, the quality of wood is reduced, water absorption is increased, and strength and hardness are reduced.

        Wood preservative ACQ is a new generation of wood protection agent developed and produced according to the standard. A water-soluble wood preservative made of copper and a quaternary ammonium salt that has replaced CCA and is now the mainstream wood preservative. The copper and quaternary ammonium salts contained in ACQ can effectively kill and inhiBIT fungi, have strong resistance to leaching, and have strong killing power against bacteria, insects (terMITes, beetles). The wood after ACQ-D is green and will slowly turn warm brown after a period of outdoor use, without affecting paint and coloration. It does not reduce the insulation performance of wood, does not reduce the mechanical strength, and greatly prolongs the service life of wood. This product also has certain flame retardant properties.


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