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Pesticide Preservatives Protect Pesticide Products from Bacteria

The pesticide preservatives are antiseptic products that have a bactericidal effect and can extend the shelf life of pesticides. Pesticide preservatives can rapidly and irreversibly inhiBIT the growth of microorganisms after the preservatives are exposed to bacterial microbes, which can lead to the death of microbial cells. Therefore, it is widely used in the pesticide industry.

Pesticide preservatives have a variety of characteristics.

1. Broad-spectrum, long-lasting killing of various bacteria, fungi, molds and yeasts.

2, a wide range of applicable pH, pH2.0-12.0 can be used.

3, pesticide preservatives is free of formaldehyde, VOC, no combustion, no residue emissions, the use of concentrations completely harmless.

4. Miscible with water, good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components.

Therefore, it is safe to use, do not worry about whether the pesticide preservatives will have a bad impact on the pesticide, and do not have to worry about causing environmental pollution. It is recommended that you wear protective gloves and do not make direct contact with your eyes during operation.


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