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Take you to know the preservatives in skin care products

Many people are against this thing, such as the enemy, then what is it?

     The preservative itself is a substance that exists to prevent the flora from changing or deteriorating. In short, it is time to let the deterioration worse! 99% of our foods will contain preservatives to ensure the freshness of the food.


     What is the role of preservatives?

    1. Prevent product corruption, when any substance will have oxidative deterioration;

    2, to prevent secondary pollution during use, often digging, the bacteria will repeatedly touch the product, the product is easy to be contaminated;

    3. Prevent organic matter from decomposing harmful substances in skin care products.

    Therefore, as long as the preservatives prescribed by the state are used, and they are not excessive, then the benefits must outweigh the disadvantages.

     Summary: The effective shelf life of general skin care products is about 3 years, while the skin care products without preservatives, although there are ingredients to replace preservatives, the storage time is generally only about 1 year, from the factory to our hands. Basically, there are only nine months left. In addition to the extremely sensitive skin of very few skins, normal people do not need to care too much about this thing.

     Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the preservatives in your skin care products. For more information about preservatives, please visit our official website for consultation or call us.


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