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Paint anti-mold antiseptic effectively solves many problems in paint

Coatings and paints often appear yellow, black, deterioration of flatulence and other phenomena, which has brought serious losses to the paint factory. Why does this happen? This is mainly because the paint has been contaminated by bacterial microbes.

Using paint anti-mold agents can effectively solve these problems. Paint anti-mold agent is a new type of industrial anti-mold agent. Adding a small amount of it can be effective for molds, bacteria, yeasts and algae. Chemically stable, it will not cause pollution to the environment.

Paint anti-mold agents can be used not only in paints, but also in inks, shoe polish, and other products. Paint anti-mold agents are more excellent than other inorganic or organic anti-mildew effects. Bactericidal broad-spectrum, low antibacterial concentration, has a strong killing effect on bacteria and fungi.


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