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What should be paid attention to in the selection of Carson preservatives commonly used in various industries?

With the increasing use of Carson preservatives, how can you choose the right Carson preservative? What kind of manufacturer is the right manufacturer?we believes that there are three main factors, namely: quality, price and delivery period.

   Quality, this is the most important discriminating factor in the selection of Carson preservative products. If the quality of a manufacturer's Carson preservative is unqualified and the effect does not meet the actual requirements for use, then at a lower price, the project purchaser will not select such a Carson preservative manufacturer as its own partner. The quality of the Carson preservative is a hard requirement, and it will be eliminated if it fails to meet the corresponding requirements. This requires the manufacturer of the Carson preservative to pay attention to the quality of its own products.

   Price and price are important not only for the manufacturer of the Carson preservative, but also for the purchaser. In the current Kasong market, although the price competition is relatively frequent, the overall cost is still there, such as the price of raw materials, management costs, and resource use. Therefore, as a purchaser, of course, the lower the price, the better, but from the processing of the Carson preservative, this is impossible. Therefore, the price of Kasson is too high or too low to be doubtful.

   This is also a very important factor in the delivery period. The delivery period is one of the concerns of the purchaser. Because the Carson preservative is used for articles that require corrosion protection, the delivery period directly determines whether the article can be properly preserved.

   Quality, price and delivery deadlines are all undesirable. These factors test the true production strength of a Carson preservative manufacturer. If the contents of the Carson preservative manufacturer can meet the requirements of the customer, there is a great desire to obtain an order.

    Our company introduces 3Q series of Carson sterilization preservative, which is widely used in glass water, shampoo and hair care shampoo, bath liquid and various moisturizing, skin cream, cream, milk, lipstick and other high-end nutritional cosmetics and hand sanitizer, washing spirit, Tableware detergent, hair dye, leather coating agent, softener, glue, topical ointment, pesticides and other products. The test proved that the growth of mold and fungus was completely inhiBITed at the use concentration, and the antiseptic effect was achieved.


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