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The harm of microbial slime in cooling water system

First, the composition of microbial slime

Microbial slime is formed by microbial cells and their sticky substances (polysaccharides, proteins, etc.). Table - shows the composition of the slime attached to it.

Second, the slime thermal resistance of slime

The fouling thermal resistance is a parameter that characterizes the amount of heat transfer resistance produced by the fouling. The greater the thermal resistance of the dirt, the worse the effect of heat transfer and cooling.

(1) The thermal resistance of fouling increases proportionally with the increase of the adhesion of slime and calcium phosphate;

(2) In the case of the same amount of attachment, the thermal resistance of the slime is much greater than the thermal resistance of the calcium phosphate.

(3) The greater the protein content and the burning loss in the slime, that is, the larger the microbial content, the greater the thermal resistance of the dirt.

It can be seen from the above that slime and microorganisms have a very significant effect on the cooling effect of the cooling water system.



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