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What are the characteristics of daily chemical preservatives?

 Daily chemical preservatives can effectively kill anaerobic bacteria, Legionella, hydrogen sulfide bacteria, rust bacteria, Bacillus, etc., daily antiseptics have been widely used in cosmetics and personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, Daily products such as shaving products, foundations, lotions, creams, baby products, sunscreens and cleaning agents. So what are the characteristics of daily anti-corrosion?

1, sterilization is very broad spectrum, synergy is very strong, can effectively control bacteria, fungi and yeast.

2. Good compatibility with cationic, anionic, nonionic surfactants, proteins and other industrial additives.

3, the applicable pH range is wide, 2-10 can be used, covering the pH range of the entire cosmetics and daily chemical products.

4, good stability, the active ingredients are stable under high and low temperature conditions, will not introduce color in the product.

5, low toxicity, no mutagenic, no allergic variability, no adverse reactions to the skin and eyes within the concentration range.

6, low dosage, good effect, no heavy metals, no pollution to the environment.


The series of daily chemical preservatives introduced by our company is the latest research and development of the current market demand. It can meet the requirements of green environmental protection and health while being highly effective and bacteriostatic. It has a variety of bactericidal active ingredients, is powerful, and introduces new active ingredients. It can provide up to 3 years of anti-corrosion protection for liquid-washed products when used correctly, and it can be used for various bacteria, yeasts and molds commonly found in the environment. Has an excellent broad-spectrum killing effect. It can be widely used in the sterilization and antiseptic of cosmetics in the lotion industry (such as: detergent, hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, decontamination liquid, etc.). It has good compatibility with various ingredients in cosmetics, and its antibacterial effect is not affected by surfactants, proteins and other ingredients. Excellent control of bacteria, mold and yeast in the concentration range.


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