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How to handle moldy bags

After the cloth bag is moldy, the treatment method is as follows:

The risk of mildew in the cloth bag will be lower than that of the leather bag, but moldiness will still occur. After the cloth bag is moldy, first use a brush to mold the mold cleaner, clean the mold, sterilize, and dry it for 10 minutes after treatment. Then spray the anti-fungal agent to prevent mold again in the future.

After the treatment, replace the package and put the anti-mold sheet to seal the box.

After the bag is mildewed, the treatment method is as follows:

The leather bag has a lot of oil and has a high risk of mold. After the mold occurs, the treatment method is different from the cloth package. First use a sponge or rag to stain the mildew proof paste, mold, mildew, and clean. After the treatment, repeat the whole and wipe again. After the dry, replace the new packaging and put the anti-mildew film sealed and packed. After verification by the majority of customers, there is no mold after treatment according to the above method!

How to prevent mold from making bags?

First: material management:

Test the humidity of the incoming material (leather/cloth) with a mildew tester, and try to require the supplier to supply the material (leather/cloth) with a humidity of less than 10%; ‚ reject the material that has moldy or moldy marks (leather/cloth) Wait);

Second:production control:

A white latex with a higher mold risk is recommended to add a glue antifungal agent;

Ensure that all materials used in production have no obvious signs of mildew before production;

Keep the environment clean and dry as much as possible during the production process;

In the production process, the employee's hands are kept as clean as possible;

Do not pack wet or wet products;

Prevent product from getting wet during production and turnover;

Third: packaging control:

According to different sizes, pack different sizes of anti-mold tablets; the humidity of the carton is controlled below 10% {reverse: add 5 bags (10 g/pack) anti-mold anti-bacterial bag to control humidity}, special material anti-fur, crazy horse leather, If the fat such as pigskin is heavier, it is recommended to put anti-mold tablets inside and outside the bag.

Fourth: product inventory considerations

4.1 Drying indoors (eg, installing dehumidification equipment under conditions);

4.2 The products placed should be placed on the first floor; they should not be placed directly on the ground and must be separated by a partition (about 10cm from the ground);

4.3 can not be too close to the wall, at least 50cm isolation;

4.4 Close the doors and windows from 5 pm to 10 am (when the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, close the doors and windows, and vice versa)

4.5 Regularly do anti-mildew treatment on the ground or wall (such as: seasonal clean corners or wood spray 1-2 times anti-mold agent);

4.6 The moldy products should be separated to avoid cross-contagion. The reproduction ability of the mold is very amazing. One cell can be multiplied to 2 million, and more than 1 billion after 10 hours.

 V.: Transportation control:

5.1 Check whether the top is leaking before the cabinet is installed, and whether the iron plate is wet or deformed;

5.2 The container trucks invited outside can not guarantee that the previous batch of goods is not moldy, and it is impossible to determine whether the number of molds in the cabinet exceeds the standard. It is recommended to use moldproof antibacterial agent for mold disinfection;


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