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Measures of Marine Ship anti-corrosion

The ship sails on the ocean, and the contact with seawater is not only strongly electrochemically corroded by seawater, but also contaminated by marine organisms. Seawater is a very strong corrosive medium for steel materials, and many marine organisms and Microorganisms can be adsorbed on the surface of ships, propellers, ship pipelines and other metal structures and grow and multiply. Especially in warm seas and spring and summer, these pests grow rapidly and are particularly dirty. These marine organisms and microorganisms It can damage the anti-corrosion protective layer on the surface of the hull to make the paint film of the hull fall off; the adsorption on the bottom of the ship and the surface of the propeller increase the resistance of the ship and increase the fuel consumption; the adsorption in the pipeline of the ship causes blockage of the pipeline, and some attached organisms themselves Corrosion of metal. Seawater and microbial corrosion reduce the service life of ships, increase the cost of maintenance and repair, and seriously endanger the safety of ships. With the improvement of China's comprehensive national strength, China has become a major shipbuilding and shipping country in the world. In the near future, China will become the world's largest shipbuilding and shipping country. Therefore, take appropriate Prevent sea water corrosion and sea biofouling measures to effectively reduce and inhiBIT corrosion of the ship, in order to greatly improve the economics of operating the ship, become an important part of national research scientists, have important economic significance and practical value.


Ship anti-corrosion measures


Ship anti-corrosion measures mainly include seawater corrosion and microbial corrosion protection.


I. Measures for seawater corrosion of ships


1. The main measures for seawater corrosion of hull, ballast tank, rudder and propeller are: cathodic protection technology and paint protection. In addition to propeller, there is no need for paint protection. The anti-corrosion measures of hull, ballast tank and rudder are cathodic protection technology and coating. Protection and mutual cooperation, together to prevent corrosion.

2. Anti-corrosion measures for seawater pipelines

3. Other anti-corrosion measures

1) Reasonable material selection and structural design

2) Correctly standardized welding operations

3) Reduce the direct connection of dissimilar metal parts

4) Sustained release agent


Second, the ship's measures against microbial corrosion

According to the physiological characteristics of microorganisms, the law of corrosion activity and the objects of action, the prevention and control methods of microbial corrosion are divided into physical methods, chemical methods and biological methods.

A common chemical method is to add a bactericide or add an inhiBITor to kill the microorganism or inhiBIT the growth and reproduction of the microorganism.


Third, the anti-corrosion and anti-attachment of marine coatings

Using suitable marine coatings, with the correct process technology, it can cover all parts of the ship to form a complete and dense coating, so that the steel surface of each part of the ship is isolated from the external corrosive environment to prevent corrosion of the ship. The measure is called the coating protection of the ship.


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