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Pay attention to following points when you purchase ink preservatives

Inks is widely used in the printing industry and it is an important material for printing. Talk about ink preservatives, there is no doubt that it is used in inks to protect the ink from becoming moldy. Dalian Tianwei Chemicals is a professional manufacturer of ink preservatives.


When buying ink preservatives, pay attention to see if it has the following advantages.:


1. Broad-spectrum, long-lasting killing of various bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Good results can be achieved with a concentration of 0.2%.


2. The ink preservative can be compatible with various emulsifiers, surfactants and other ingredients, and can be compatible with any ratio of alcohol and water.


3, the applicable pH range is wider than similar products, pH 4-12 range can be widely used.


4. Strong stability, effective ingredients are also stable at 150°C, low toxicity, free of heavy metals or halogen compounds.


5. Stable for amines, no formaldehyde, low odor, no VOC.


Only with the above features can we dare to say that it is a quality and stability-qualified ink preservative.


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