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Washing product essential preservatives – Kathon preservatives

       Today, cosmetics have become a necessity in our lives, especially for every girl, cosmetics for all purposes. At the time of purchase, on the one hand, it will look at its performance characteristics, on the other hand, it will also pay attention to its shelf life. Then, if the manufacturer wants to wash the daily chemical products for a long time, Now we will recommends kathon preservative.

       kathon preservatives are used in many cosmetics, such as facial cleanser, hand lotion, shower gel, washing spirit, conditioner and so on. In addition to cosmetics, it is also used in detergents, wipes, topical plasters, and cleaning solutions.

       The use of kathon preservative does not change the odor and color of the cosmetics, while the Kathon preservative also has an advanced, non-toxic, antibacterial and long-lasting characteristics. It can also be compatible with various emulsifiers and surfactants, and has good compatibility. It is not liMITed by temperature, preferably 80°C or less, and 90% or more effective below 100°C. It is safe and convenient, has stable performance, and has a small amount of addition. It is suitable for use in the range of pH 2.0-12.0.

       Kathon preservative has a wide range of uses and strong bactericidal effect, which can make cosmetics remain longer. It is a good product worthy of every cosmetic manufacturers


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