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How is the solubility of Kathon and water?


Kathon is one of the high-performance preservatives, it is a preservative with good water solubility. It is an amber or colorless liquid with a slight odor and no visible sediment. The pH requirement is the best use of pH 4-8, and the stability is reduced when pH>8.


Because it has a wide spectrum and long-lasting effect on killing a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, it has low dosage; it is miscible with water and can be added in any process, easy to operate; low toxicity, completely harmless in use concentration; no residue in emissions It will not cause cumulative pollution to the environment; it will not burn, it is easy to transport, easy to use, low in cost of use; it has good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components; it has special effects on Pseudomonas and has been worldwide. Identity. Used in many industries, such as coatings, waterborne polymers, metal cutting fluids, adhesives, printing pastes, inks, dyes, pastes, printing pastes, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, paraffin, wood, Anti-corrosion and sterilization of leather, water treatment, industrial circulating water, pulp, paper, power plants, steel, smelting, petroleum, oil refining, oilfield water injection, chemical, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, fiber, textile and other industries.


So if you buy a pine antiseptic, first observe its color if it is amber or colorless liquid, at least there is no problem in appearance, a little smell, no sediment, performance or effective substance content requires special institutions have a test. Here I recommend the use of our company's Carson preservative, the effective substance content is absolutely enough, deeply loved by new and old customers.


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