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Overall understanding of kathon products

Kathon products are an efficient, broad-spectrum, environmentally-friendly bactericidal preservative. It is also the main product that Tianwei Chemical Co., Ltd. has been investing in in research and development for 20 years. Kathon has a strong killing and inhiBITing effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae commonly found in industrial production.

Kathon has many excellent features. Firstly, it can permanently kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Tablets can even release active ingredients for 15-20 days. Under dry conditions, the effective bactericidal components are less than 1%. Let the user pay every penny to play a role, to avoid waste; the effective bactericidal ingredients in Tianwei kathon reach the national standard, and the sterilization is thorough, so the dosage is very low. Secondly, Tianwei kathon can be decomposed into non-toxic substances, which will not cause environmental pollution and can be used with confidence. Finally, kathon is not a dangerous product, it is convenient to transport and easy to keep.


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