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How to choose preservatives in mask products?

The mask is a skin care product that has been favored by consumers in recent years. According to the method of use, it can be divided into two types: smear type and mask type. Among them, the mask is occupying an increasingly important position in the skin care market with its unique intensive skin care concept. The mask is made of non-woven fabric, silk, etc., and carries skin care essence. It is applied on the face from 15m in to 30m in, which makes the stratum corneum fully hydrated, increases skin permeability, and facilitates the penetration of functional substances into the deep layer of the skin. Excellent skin care results.

When using a mask, each mask carries a large amount of essence (10g ~ 20g), which acts on the face at one time, which can easily cause skin allergic reactions. Preservatives are one of the main sources of stimulants in the formulation, so the choice of preservatives in the formulation of mask products is more stringent.

First of all, the amount of cosmetic preservatives must be based on safety. International and domestic skin care regulatory organizations have certain provisions for the use of cosmetic preservatives. However, in order to make the effectiveness of the preservative system work, it is necessary to ensure sufficient use. When the amount of use is selected, the M IC value of the preservative (the minimum inhiBITory concentration to microorganisms) and the instruction manual of the product can be referred to.

Secondly, the preservative should be able to dissolve and disperse evenly in the formulation system. The growth and reproduction of microorganisms must be carried out in an environment with water. Therefore, sufficient preservatives must be dissolved in each phase in a multiphase system. In emulsion systems, high-efficiency preservatives should have a certain water solubility and fat solubility (or have an appropriate oil-water partition coefficient), which is beneficial to microorganisms composed of protein (hydrophilic) and lipid (lipophilic). The cell membrane enters the cell and exerts its antiseptic effect.

Thirdly, in the formulation of the super-nutrient-containing facial film essence, if there is microbial contamination, there may be several types of microorganisms. Therefore, the preservative used must have a broad spectrum of antibacterial properties in order to provide a safe antiseptic effect on the product. A versatile preservative is non-existent. The combination of various preservatives can broaden the antibacterial spectrum and achieve the goal of broad-spectrum antibacterial. For example, some preservatives have a better inhiBITory effect on mildew, but the duration of action is shorter, while the other type of preservative has a weaker inhiBITory effect, but the inhiBITory effect is longer, and the two are mixed to ensure storage and shelf quality. It also prevents mold contamination during use.

In addition, the use of a single preservative, sometimes to achieve anti-corrosion effect, the amount may exceed the amount specified in the regulations, a variety of preservatives compounded to avoid such risks, but also to ensure product safety. The selection of preservatives in surface film products should follow the following principles: The types and additions of preservatives used comply with relevant regulations, high safety, low stimulation, broad-spectrum antibacterial, high anti-corrosion efficiency, and certain solubility in the system. It is easy to use and has good compatibility with other raw materials in the formula.


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