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Advantages of combined and alternating use of biocides in oilfield water injection systems

Measures to control bacterial hazards in oilfield water injection systems when combined with the use of bactericides. The combined use of the fungicide is to prepare a good type or two or more kinds of fungicides according to a certain formula to form a compound type fungicide; alternating use of the fungicide means that two or more kinds of fungicides are used alternately.

The combined or alternate use of fungicides has many advantages:

(1) The compounding agent has broad-spectrum bactericidal ability

(2) The compounding agent can be used in one dose.

(3) Avoid drug resistance

(4) Reduce the cost of sterilization

(5) Increase the stability of the bactericide stock solution

(6) Meet environmental protection requirements

In short, to choose a suitable fungicide, you must also use the fungicide correctly, in order to achieve a truly effective and reasonable control of the harm of water-injected microorganisms in the oilfield.

Our company launched 3Q-506 emulsified oil fungicide to ensure that the emulsified oil is not affected by microorganisms and improve the utilization rate.


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