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Talking about the opinions of professionals on industrial preservatives

Although our society has entered a rapid development, many people still talk about corruption. In fact, this is just a misunderstanding of everyone's cognitive views. The correct use of industrial preservatives can bring a lot of benefits to our lives. However, some unscrupulous merchants do not add preservatives according to the standard because of excessive pursuit of interests, which leads to premature agents being misunderstood. Let us take a look at professionals. What do you think of industrial anti-corrosion?

In fact, industrial preservatives are essential additives in many foods and are essential ingredients for preserving food. Normal doses of industrial preservatives do not cause any harm to the human body at all. Preservatives are terrible, and no preservatives are more scary. Within the scope of safe use, the preservative is not toxic to the human body, and its side effects on the human body are not even comparable to sodium. China has approved 32 kinds of food preservatives that can be used, such as potassium sorbate, which has extremely strong antiseptic properties and minimal toxicity. The human body also contains it, which can participate in the normal metabolism of the human body.

The Ph.D. in Food Science at China Agricultural University correctly explained the issues related to industrial preservatives. Foods without preservatives are highly susceptible to deterioration and can easily cause bacteria to multiply in the human body, causing food poisoning, various gastrointestinal diseases, and even death. Therefore, preservatives within a safe range are an essential element in many foods and can help people inhiBIT the growth of bacteria in food. In fact, as long as the correct use of preservatives, it can be said that it is nothing but harm.

The above is the view of professionals on industrial preservatives. We can't just listen to the rumors that preservatives are not terrible. In fair use, it will only benefit humanity.


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