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What is the reason of making glue turns black and smells?

The general glue is composed of polyvinyl alcohol, white latex, sodium stearate, talcum powder, urea, ethylene glycol, sucrose, essence, water, etc., which is slightly irritating, volatile, and volatile. In order to eliminate the pungent odor in the glue, the glue manufacturer will add a small amount of ammonia water in the glue to balance and play a deodorant effect. At the same time, however, the alkaline environment makes the glue, especially the water-soluble white latex, rich in sugar and protein, providing a large amount of breeding nutrition and food for the mold. Glue fungicide can provide excellent "dry film" anti-corrosion and mildew protection for adhesives, sealant inks and indoor and outdoor paints, coatings and wood anti-corrosion colorants, wood preservatives. Protected against fungi during wet conditions, it can be used for dry applications, compatible with aqueous formulations, and compatible with solvent-based formulations.


3Q-304 Adhesive anti-fungal agent, this product is a broad-spectrum antiseptic preservative, the main component is isothiazolinone compound, which can protect industrial products from bacteria, yeast and fungi. This product does not contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors.


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