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The effect of Kathon Preservatives


Nowadays, people may no longer be unfamiliar with Kathon preservatives. The use of kathon preservatives in the industry is very extensive and there are many places that can be used. So specifically, where can the industry use it? What effect can it achieve?

The industries in which kathon antiseptics can be used include adhesives, pesticides, latex paints, water-based paints, polymer emulsions, pigment pastes, printing inks, textiles, papermaking, leather, and water treatment industries. Mainly as anti-corrosion and sterilization.

So, what is the effect of CASON preservatives for preservation and sterilization?

Kathon preservatives have a very strong penetrating power to the cell membrane of microorganisms, and they can decompose and destroy the cellular tissues of microorganisms. It has strong killing and inhiBITing effects on bacteria, fungi, algae and other microorganisms commonly found in industrial production.

It can be seen that the broad range of preservatives used by kathon can be used, and the bactericidal and antiseptic effects achieved are also very good.


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