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To solve the corruption of chemical fiber spinning oil, it is necessary to add preservatives

    Corrosion of oil emulsion is one of the most common problems in the use of FDY oil. Compared with imported oil, the corrosion of domestic oil is relatively serious. The problem of oil poisoning has a great impact on production, and it is light to block the pipeline. , resulting in uneven oil, causing hair, broken ends; heavy to stop production. Especially prominent in the summer, the causes of corruption and solutions:

    (1) The emulsion of the emulsion dispersed phase is large in oil droplets (the emulsion is milky white) and is easily spoiled, so it is necessary to use an oil agent having a small emulsion droplet and good stability. When formulating the emulsion, the oil should be added to the water in a trickle form under stirring, and the water temperature is preferably controlled at 30 to 35 °C.

    (2) The emulsion prepared by water with poor water quality is easy to be spoiled. The water for preparing the oil emulsion is generally deionized water, preferably distilled water, and the water conductivity is controlled below 5 μS/cm.


    (3) It is easy to be corrupted in a high temperature environment. The large-scale chemical fiber plant winding workshop generally has air conditioning, and the problem is not obvious. However, most chemical fiber plants place the high-level tank of the oil emulsion in the spinning room with higher temperature, so the problem is more serious.

    (4) The oil preparation is not easy to be prepared at one time, and it is prevented from being corrupted due to long-term storage. Generally, it can be used for 24 hours at a time.

    (5) Regularly clean the oil container and remove the sediment blockage in the pipeline to reduce the degree of oil damage.

    (6) Add preservatives, choose preservatives to pay special attention to the compatibility of preservatives and oils, prevent oil and preservatives from reacting to form sediments to block metering pumps and nozzles.


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