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Industry news

Synergism of cosmetic composite industrial preservatives

   The development of new, safe and more effective industrial preservatives to replace many of the preservatives currently used in cosmetics that are not very safe and effective is the focus of current preservative research. However, since this work takes a long time to find new molecules that meet the requirements, and to obtain safety data, especially in compliance with environmental regulations, this requires a lot of money. Therefore, the other main research direction of preservatives in cosmetics is to add some special effects additives to the preservatives that people trust, to make the anti-corrosion efficiency higher, the application range is wider, and The toxicity is also reduced by the reduction in the amount of use.

    The purpose and results of the composite use of industrial preservatives are mainly two fold:

    1) The same antibacterial spectrum of preservatives, combined use can reduce the amount of each preservative.

    2) Preservatives with different inhiBITion spectrums, combined use can expand the range of inhiBITion spectrum.


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