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The important role of bactericidal algaecide


  The bactericidal algaecide does not kill microorganisms by oxidation, but acts on the specific parts of the microorganisms due to toxicity, and thus it is not affected by the reducing substances in the water. Non-oxidizing bactericidal algicides are generally non-oxidizing compounds of chlorophenols and quaternary ammonium salts. The killing effect of non-oxidizing bactericidal algaecide has certain persistence, and it has penetration and peeling effect on sediment or slime. It is less affected by reducing substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, and is less affected by PH value in water. However, the treatment cost is higher than that of the oxidative bactericidal algicide, which is likely to cause environmental pollution, and the microorganisms in the water are prone to produce an anti-drug type.

       For enterprises, in the industrial circulating cooling water system, the proliferation of microorganisms is unavoidable. As the microorganisms continue to multiply and grow, it is very common to cause slime, blockage, scaling, corrosion, etc., using bactericidal algaecide The sterilization and algae treatment is an important step to improve the utilization effect of circulating water, save water and reduce cost and waste.

      The bactericidal algaecide is a green bactericidal and algae-killing agent widely used in China. The product is widely used by many industrial water circulation systems due to its broad spectrum, rapid and remarkable peeling effect, low toxicity, fast degradation rate, good compatibility with other water treatment agents, and low corrosivity to equipment.

       The sterilization and algicide is convenient to be added, and it has the disadvantages of low solubility in the sterilization treatment of the water treatment agent in the past, and difficulty in quantitative use of the drug in the field. As a new type of bactericidal algaecide, it can effectively control the algae and algae related to equipment corrosion in industrial circulating cooling water. The product has broad spectrum, strong, fast, long-lasting, low-cost, low-toxic and other excellent characteristics. Reasons for widespread adoption by companies.

       Our series of bactericidal algicides are used in circulating cooling water and petrochemical refilling systems as biocides and microbial inhiBITors. It is also used in air conditioning systems, reservoirs, and any industrial water to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. The product has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, can inhiBIT bacteria, fungi and mold at the same time, does not produce drug resistance; the use cost is lower than the general bactericide in the market, and is easy to use; has excellent physical and chemical compatibility, and is used in industrial water treatment. As a fungicide, it can physically dissolve with chlorine, corrosion inhiBITor, scale inhiBITor and dispersant and most anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants at normal concentration; it can effectively inhiBIT bacteria, fungi and cooling water. The growth of algae can naturally degrade into non-toxic substances and does not cause environmental pollution.


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