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Precautions during the use of leather antifungal agent


Leather and leather products contain a lot of oils, sugars, collagen, free amino acids, which provide rich nutrition for molds and bacteria, greatly accelerate the growth and reproduction of molds and bacteria, and cause leather products to suffer decomposition, loss of luster and toughness. Durable and equal value. The broad spectrum and long-term properties of leather anti-fungal agents are the most popular among many leather anti-mold agents, which are favored by leather products manufacturers.


Scope of application:

Leather mold inhiBITors are suitable for leather manufacturers such as tanneries, tanneries, and tanneries.


How to use leather anti-fungal agent:

(1) Use in chrome tanning process: It is recommended to add 1-2% after adding chrome powder for 20-30 minutes.

(2) Use during fatliquoring: It is recommended to add 1.5-2% of the weight of the fatliquor.

(3) Use during the finishing process: It is recommended to add 2-3% of the finishing agent.

(4) This product is irritating to the eyes and skin. Gloves, eye masks and masks must be worn during use.


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