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Why is metalworking fluid prone to corruption from May to October each year?

    May to October is the most difficult period for microorganisms to control. Why is this problem?

    Mental working fluids are susceptible to biological contamination due to their own properties, whether emulsion, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic systems. Especially in spring and summer, microbial reproduction has been in a major outbreak.

    Water is a hotbed of microbial survival. Oil or additives are microbial foods. The high temperature in summer is more conducive to the growth and reproduction of mold and microbes.

    Many domestic processing fluid manufacturers either do not add preservatives, or the addition is not correct, the pertinence is not strong, resulting in general anti-corrosion effect, the summer fragile anti-corrosion system is easily trapped by a large number of breeding microorganisms.

    If you don't pay attention to the daily maintenance management in the spring and summer, more excellent preservatives in the system will be consumed by the amazing microbial consumption.


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