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Use kathon preservative in conditioner, sterilizing and mildew to extend shelf life

        The conditioner can make hair smooth, easy to comb, and also protects hair. Speaking of this, you have to talk about hair conditioner ingredients, including surfactants, cationic conditioning agents, preservatives and so on. Among them, preservatives are indispensable, and the excellent preservative brand belongs to Tianwei Chemical Co.,Ltd

        Kathon is an antiseptic product commonly used in cosmetics. Its active ingredient is an isothiazolinone derivative, which does not contain any heavy metals and can effectively inhiBIT and eliminate fungi and various microorganisms.

       Kathon is used in conditioners, it does not change the color and odor of conditioners, and has good compatibility with various emulsifiers and surfactants, and has excellent compatibility. Kathon is also not subject to temperature restrictions, preferably below 80 °C, with results below 100 °C above 90%.


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