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The cutting fluid bactericide kills many kinds of bacteria and has good antibacterial effect.

       The cutting fluid bactericide is a bactericide product that is often used in metalworking fluids. It has many advantages, helps the metalworking fluid to sterilize and prevent corrosion, and is also applicable in many fields.

        The cutting fluid bactericide is highly efficient and low-toxic. Its active ingredient is a triazine compound, which has good antibacterial effect, can kill or inhiBIT a variety of microorganisms, and has a broad antibacterial spectrum. It is added and used, does not react to metalworking fluids, and does not change the quality of its products.

       There are many products that can be applied to the cutting fluid fungicide. It can be applied to textile, daily chemical, light industry, paint photosensitive materials and other industries. It can also be used as emulsified aqueous solution, emulsion coating, liquid detergent, latex, metalworking fluid and other materials. Preservatives prevent them from being attacked by microorganisms and prolong the storage time or use time of the products.

       Therefore, the effectiveness of the cutting fluid bactericide is powerful and versatile. Not only sterilization, but also anti-corrosion, it is highly recommended and used.


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