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Why paint is easy to deteriorate

1. What are the main components of paints and coatings?

The main components of the paint include the following five parts:


(1) Oil: including dry oil and semi-dry oil, is one of the main film-forming substances.

Resin: Includes natural and synthetic resins and is part of the main film-forming material.

Pigments: including coloring pigments, body pigments and anti-rust pigments. The specific varieties are quite numerous and are secondary film-forming substances.

Thinner: Includes solvent and diluent to dissolve the above substances and adjust the consistency to aid the film-forming substance.

Excipients: including drier, curing agent, plasticizer, moisture-proof agent. Also belongs to the auxiliary film forming material.

2, the composition of decorative paint

It is mainly composed of three parts:

The main film-forming substances: also known as adhesives and fixing agents, are the basis for the composition of the coating.

Secondary film-forming material: also constitutes a component of the coating film, but it cannot form a coating film separately from the main film-forming material.

Auxiliary film-forming materials: including solvents and auxiliary materials. The former such as gasoline, smoke oil, pine perfume, benzene, ethyl acetate, acetone, etc.; the latter such as curing agent, emulsifier, tackifier, drier, wetting agent, dispersant, defoamer, initiator, catalyst , stabilizers, anti-aging agents, antifreezes, etc.

Composition of the paint

Paint, traditionally known in China as paint. The book “Painting Process”, which is more authoritative in China's coatings industry, is defined as follows: “Coating is a material that can be applied to the surface of objects with different construction techniques to form a firm, strong, continuous Solid film. The film thus formed is called a coating film. It is also called lacquer coating or coating. Most of the early vegetable oil is the main raw material, so it is called paint. Regardless of the traditional natural material-based coating products, it is still in modern development. The coating products based on synthetic chemical products are all organic chemical polymer materials, and the formed coating film belongs to the type of polymer compound. According to the classification of modern chemical products, the coating belongs to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming A class of versatile engineering materials is an important industry in the chemical industry.

The coating mainly consists of four parts: film-forming substances, pigments, solvents, additives

1. The film-forming substance is the main component of the film, including grease, oil processing products, cellulose derivatives, natural resins and synthetic resins. The film-forming material also includes a partially non-volatile reactive diluent, which is the main substance for firmly adhering the coating to the surface of the coated object to form a continuous film, which is the basis of the coating and determines the basic characteristics of the coating.

2. additives such as defoamers, leveling agents, etc., as well as some special functional additives, such as substrate wetting agents. These auxiliaries generally do not form a film, but play an important role in the process and durability of the film forming the film.

3. the pigment is generally divided into two types, one is coloring pigment, common titanium dioxide, chrome yellow, etc., there are also kinds of body pigments, also known as fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder.

4. Solvents include hydrocarbon solvents (mineral oil, kerosene, gasoline, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.), alcohols, ethers, ketones and esters. The main function of the solvent and water is to disperse the film-forming binder to form a viscous liquid. It helps to build and improve certain properties of the film. According to the main film-forming substances used in the coating, the coating can be divided into oil-based coatings, fiber coatings, synthetic coatings and inorganic coatings; according to coating or film properties, solutions can be divided into solutions, latex, sol, powder, glaze, matting and colorful art paints. Wait. Keywords: Jida paint, coating composition, epoxy floor paint


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