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The Preservatives for Waterborne Pesticides

The waterborne Pesticide, under suitable external conditions, is highly susceptible to microbial attack, and the proliferation of microorganisms will produce a large amount of secondary metabolites such as amines, acids, hydrogen sulfide, etc., leading to flatulence and deterioration of pesticides.


Preservatives are generally added, and the following are commonly used:

1, formaldehyde, not environmentally friendly

2, sodium benzoate, acidic preservatives, and anti-corrosion effect is general, not ideal.

3, Kathon, recently started to use, acidic preservatives, there is some corrosive. Decomposes under alkaline and decomposes on 50. And many compounds cause it to break down.


Secondly, there are many organic preservatives, some for bacteria, some for mold, subdivided, some for certain bacteria or some mold. But for the system, as long as one type of bacteria multiplies, your system will deteriorate.

In fact, like pesticides, compounding is the trend, there is no perfect antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.

In addition, there are thousands of microorganisms, the system of pesticides is different, and there are many antibacterial and antifungal agents. If you want to ensure the stability of a pesticide formulation system, the relationship between the three must be balanced.

Our company introduces 3Q series of Kathon sterilization preservative, which is widely used in glass water, shampoo and hair care shampoo, bath liquid and various moisturizing, skin cream, cream, milk, lipstick and other high-end nutritional cosmetics and hand sanitizer, washing spirit, Tableware detergent, hair dye, leather coating agent, softener, glue, topical ointment, pesticides and other products. The test proved that the growth of mold and fungus was completely inhiBITed at the use concentration, and the antiseptic effect was achieved.


3Q-601 CIT/MIT-14 Kathon Isothiazolinone

3Q-602 CIT/MIT-10 Kathon

3Q-603 CIT/MIT-7 Kathon Isothiazolinone         

3Q-604 CIT/MIT-3 Kathon Isothiazolinone

3Q-605 CIT/MIT-2.5 (Kathon isothiazolinone)

3Q-606 CIT/MIT-2 Kathon Isothiazolinone


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