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The advantages of compound preservatives

A versatile preservative is not present. The mutual cooperation of various preservatives, the complement of advantages and disadvantages, at least have the following advantages :

1. broaden the antibacterial spectrum; some preservatives work well for some microbes and poor for others, and the other preservatives are just the opposite. The combination of the two can achieve the goal of broad-spectrum antibacterial control.

2. Improve the efficacy: two kinds of preservatives with different bactericidal mechanism are shared, the effect is often not a simple superposition, but a multiplication effect, this so-called synergistic effect, usually in the case of reducing the amount of use, still enough The efficacy of sterilization.

3. resistance to secondary pollution: some preservatives have a better killing effect on mildew and microbes, but the residual effect period is liMITed, while the other type of preservative has little killing effect, but the inhiBITion effect is significant, and the two can be used together to ensure Storage and shelf quality also prevent important contamination during use.

4. to improve safety: a single use of preservatives, sometimes to achieve anti-corrosion effect, the amount of use must exceed the prescribed control purposes, but also to ensure product safety.

5. Prevention of drug resistance: If a microorganism is susceptible to a preservative, it is naturally much more difficult to produce resistance to both preservatives.


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