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Painted pine antiseptic is an effective barrier to the strain

    If the decoration coating is opened for a long time, it will become moldy and decay. If it is not used for anti-mild work, it will affect its use effect. The use of Kasson preservative for coating is the key to solve this problem, and it is an effective barrier to various microbial bacteria. 

    Kathon preservative for coatings has been widely used in the sterilization and anti-mildew of paint production and storage. It has excellent bactericidal and anti-mildew functions for acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate, polystyrene butyl ester and other copolymers, and can be used with these products. The organic and inorganic components in the medium have good compatibility.

    The card pine preservative for coatings contains no formaldehyde, does not contain any heavy metals, and has a significant effect on sterilization and mildew. Long-term use does not produce drug resistance, does not produce toxic and harmful substances after natural degradation, and therefore has no pollution to the environment, is an ideal preservative for water-based paints and coatings.

    Tianwei Chemical specializes in the production and sales of Kathon preservatives. Choosing a coating with Kathon preservatives has chosen a guarantee, simple operation and superior performance, which is worthy of your choice


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